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Chelsea Raflo Sends Updates on New Exhibitions, Workshops, and Projects

Published October 31, 2017

MFA ’17 Chelsea Raflo is honored to have been selected for the following exhibitions:

Fine Contemporary Craft, a biennial exhibition held at Artspace in Raleigh, NC and juried by Roger Manley of the Gregg Museum of Art. December 1, 2017 – January 13, 2018.

Multiples, a group exhibition at VAE in Raleigh. December 1-30, 2017.

Raflo will have work in the 16th Annual Collectors Gala at Artspace, held on November 18th, and MINT Gallery’s EngageMINT Fundraiser, also on November 18th, in Atlanta!

Next week she is teaching a hand-drawn GIF-making workshop for students at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School.


Raflo is working on a music video team, creating animations and a lighting installation. Details cannot be released until things materialize further, but she is very excited to be working with an artist she truly admires.

FANTASY at Day & Night Projects, August 24- September 17, 2017

Raflo is exhibiting at an artist-run gallery with her Tallahassee collective, FANTASY (Ashton Bird, Sierra Kramer, Matthew Lawrence, Chelsea Raflo, Lucia Riffel).

We were reviewed by ArtsATL! 

From the article:

“…Raflo’s approach to fantasy is playful, lively and childlike, presented by a series of mobile sculptures. Negotiation in Space stands out as my favorite piece in the exhibition and has the precise feel of an architectural drawing. Delicate enough to spin with the force of your breath, the mobiles are nested together to form a chandelier-like installation. Through spare geometric forms like lines, cubes and spheres, Raflo explores ‘the kinetic energy of suspended objects and the negotiations of balance that results in simple, elegant arrangements.’ The piece is a contradictory mix of complex and airy with an effortless attention to detail.” (Angela Bortone,

FANTASY will be up through September 17 at 585 Wells St SW, Atlanta, 30312.

Installation at Hopscotch Music & Design Festival 2017

Raflo partnered with Lumina Clothing Company to create an original installation for the Merch Market at Hopscotch Fest in Raleigh, NC. The installation was a projected composition of multiple hand-drawn animations, complemented by custom shape cutouts secured to the wall to act as screens, highlighting selected animations. The festival took place September 7-10, 2017.