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Carly Schloss Works as Social Media Intern for Nickelodeon

Published November 21, 2019

from FSU Art BA ’20 Carly Schloss:

This past summer, I had the opportunity to work as the Social Media Intern for Nickelodeon in Burbank, California. I was based in the Nickelodeon Animation office, however, my team worked specifically for the main Nickelodeon brand, the current Viacom Digital Studios talent, and the shows that are currently in production. My responsibilities as the Social Media Intern were to post directly to the @Nickelodon, @spongebob, @TMNT, and @AllThat accounts. Mainly, my posts were Instagram stories for each account. The content created for each account ranged from episode Tune-In stories, Live stories for events, BTS footage, live tapings, and more. I was able to use my skills in Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Photoshop to create the stories to be posted on each account with over 4 million followers. However, I also learned new skills from my amazing team that I worked with all summer. They taught me a lot about time management and prioritizing tasks, as we all had multiple projects and sensitive deadlines to work on all at the same time. Additionally, they taught me a lot about having to work with talent and how to effectively get “liners” for promotional videos or posts. One of the most memorable parts of my experience was covering a live, talent event on my own during my first week. It was the 35 Years of TMNT event at the Paley Center in Los Angeles. I volunteered to cover it which impressed my team and they trusted me with the responsibility of getting the footage and posting live on the @TMNT account without needing to approve it through any channels. This opportunity helped me grow a lot as it gave me confidence to run the main account on my own. I was able to meet and interview talent, as well as capture moments from a live panel. I would definitely recommend this internship to other students who are looking to get involved in the Entertainment Industry. My experience at Nickelodeon helped me find what I wanted to do after school, and I cannot wait to move back to LA. The Nickelodeon Internship won #1 Program for Best Media & Telecom Internships, they have exciting opportunities for college juniors and seniors interested in getting hands on experience!