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Carly Schloss Enjoys Interning with FSU Athletics

Published November 14, 2019

from FSU Art BA ’20 Carly Schloss:

“This past fall, I had an extremely fun, and incredible opportunity to intern for FSU Athletics here on campus at Florida State University. FSU Athletics is responsible for all @seminole accounts for every FSU sport on campus. My responsibilities for this internship focused on the FSU Football team and the @fsufootball account. My weekly tasks included attending practice, where I was able to post directly on the @fsufootball Instagram stories, and give fans a first look on how our team works and the specific drills they run in order to prepare themselves for game days. On top of that, I attended the home football games where it was my responsibility to cover all of the pre-game festivities. This included, filming the players walk off the bus at Legacy Walk, any events that were happening for each specific game day. For example, for the Homecoming game, we did a highlight on all of the ’99 Team Alumni that were here for the game. During this highlight, I was able to interview many of these players including Peter Warrick. Some skills that I’ve gained during this experience include, how to show off the players most effectively, what angles, drills, etc. make them look the best. Also, I have learned how to brand a sports team. This was a very unique learning experience for me because my previous experience I was managing organizations and shows or brands within the entertainment industry.

One of the challenges I faced during this internship would be the change of leadership when Coach Taggart got fired a few weeks ago. With this, the management of the team changed with Coach Odell taking over. Some challenges I faced with this change was the fact that Coach Odell requested less social media coverage of practice. Although this was one of the challenges for me, it was still a great learning experience and I feel lucky to have been able to see two great leaders coach our Noles.

Overall, my experience with FSU Athletics, specifically with the FSU Football team exceeded any of my expectations. With this experience now under my belt with graduation approaching, I am definitely looking to stay within the social media and digital side of sports. The energy that the team and the staff has is contagious and made coming into work even more fun every day.

I would definitely recommend this internship to other students. Not only do you learn so much, and get to have a hands-on experience, but also, everyone that I came in contact with were encouraging and fun to work with. This is not an internship that was posted anywhere, I personally reached out to my supervisor and asked if they needed an intern, so I highly encourage students to reach out to any department they are interested in.”