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Brad Blair’s Work Published in Kult Magazine #18

Published June 16, 2016


FSU Art MFA ’14 Brad Blair‘s new works titled, “Vulpecular Observer,” is being featured in the 18th issue of Kult Magazine, along with the work of other respected artists from around the world, including cover artist, Kris Kuksi.

Based in Singapore, Kult dissects a theme using the universal language of images. Themes are chosen to be relevant and meaningful across countries and cultures. In each issue, a cross-section of over 50 global designers, illustrators, photographers and artists draws you into a visual conversation, prompting you to look at the everyday in new ways.

Kult Magazine says, “Issue 18 – Observation, is a foray into the visual world of perception and deduction. It aims to challenge the way we view the world at large and how information is processed. We want to train the eyes of today’s generation. The extensive use of digital media and the consumption habits of the younger generation means that images are merely glanced at. The disposable rate in which photos are consumed on social media is worrying. We want people to slow down and use their eyes. To examine an image and appreciate it. To extract all the beauty and information an image can possess. To spend time and increase concentration on subjects very little attention is paid to. We hope to cultivate a culture of examination and discovery, where the observer uses their eyes for more than just seeing.”

Images and text courtesy of Kult Magazine.