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Brad Blair: Solo Exhibition at BlackRock Center for the Arts

Published July 7, 2015

FSU Art MFA ’14 Brad Blair received notice that he was offered a 2016 solo exhibition at BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown, Maryland.

Brad Blair ArtExhibition Description:Captivating ceramic creatures lure us into a mysterious environment where Brad Blair’s sculptural monstrosities, crafted from both natural and mechanical elements, challenge us to question the effects of genetic engineering and biotechnology in today’s world. Drawn in by curiosity, we notice unusual juxtapositions of life-like and man-made elements embedded in the clay to accentuate the highly detailed portraits of “engineered” monsters crafted from earthenware. Some specimens hang on the wall, their realistic glass eyes following us as we move through the gallery, paired with drawings on black tar paper that complete the immersive environment.

 Brad Blair is an award-winning, emerging artist who earned his MFA from Florida State University in 2014 and his BS in Fine Arts, with a focus in Ceramics, from Towson University in 2009. His unworldly artwork stems from interests in the biological sciences, cryptozoology and the future of genetic engineering.