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Bobby Riley Interns at Commabox

Published November 15, 2018

From FSU Art BFA ’19 Bobby Riley:


“As the summer was ending and the fall semester of my senior year was quickly approaching, I decided that it was about time that I got an internship under my belt before graduation. I saw posters around the Fine Arts Building about interning for the Commabox project. The poster showcased colorful but unrecognizable art objects, which was enough to grab my attention and look deeper into the project. I had not known founder Judy Rushin at the time, but I did recognize Carolyn Henne’s name on the poster. I had taken Sculpture 1 with Professor Henne and had enjoyed her class as well as her company.
The Commabox team produces an annual collection of art objects, with each one, they one there is a collaboration with a new group of artists. Each box has a different theme, and the artists are asked to contribute a piece in relation to that theme. They also host pop-up shows and exhibitions in traditional art venues, homes, and parks. They work out of the Facilities of Arts Research, or FAR. FAR is a facility housing a variety state of the art equipment to promote the development of projects and collaborations with the FSU faculty. It is also a venue for visiting artists to come and talk about their work during the research nights.
Over the course of the semester, I have been aiding Judy and Carolyn with a variety of projects. I have designed and produced promotional materials, helped with the website, conducted artist interviews for their blog, and helped in the fabrication of work for the most recent exhibition at Happy Motoring as well as an upcoming exhibition.

I absolutely feel that I made a great choice in interning with Commabox. Judy Rushin has been an incredibly warm, patient, and knowledgeable supervisor as well as a teacher. Carolyn Henne has been a pleasure to work with as always. They both truly make me feel like I am a part of the team; listening and taking into consideration my input on the projects that we work on together. I would urge anyone looking for an internship in the arts to consider interning with Commabox.”