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Home » News » Blake Kandzer: Book/graphic novel just launched in "KICKSTARTER"

Blake Kandzer: Book/graphic novel just launched in "KICKSTARTER"

Published February 22, 2016

FSU Art BS ’92 Blake Kandzer just launched his “KICKSTARTER” project, for three books for God, sharing his beautifully horrific walk with God, of his brokenness, and how God not only saved him, but wrapped this amazing story around his own failure.

From Blake: “The trilogy, ‘THE FOREVERMORE TRILOGY’, my three graphic novels, have been compared to The Lord of The Rings, and Narnia, but are very, very graphic. If you can make it through the first two books, the third book is beautiful to show you God’s amazing love and protection.

If you could please consider supporting me, or at least copying and sharing, spreading, or posting the link to the “KICKSTARTER” page wherever you can, I’d be eternally grateful.
Thank you so much!”