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BA '16 Holly Weinrauch Featured in Women Who Mean Business Magazine

Published April 29, 2016

HollyBA ’16 Holly Weinrauch is featured in Tallahassee Woman Magazine’s Women Who Need Business Magazine in the article “[Code Breakers]: The Women of Domi Station“. The Women Who Mean Business (WWMB) Magazine is dedicated to informing, inspiring and celebrating women entrepreneurs and career women in the Capital City, Florida region.

Holly works with Cuttlesoft, a software company that builds mobile apps, prototypes, and designs. Employees of Cuttlesoft work with clients to plan, design, develop, and deploy an idea while providing client support throughout the process.

Holly is described in the article:

The budding web artist used to describe herself as quiet. After finding her artistic and professional voice at Domi, Holly says, ‘I’ve been able to grow my communication skills and try new things. I’m building a career here.’ She encourages others to give it a try, ‘Domi is a really great place for women in general – it’s all very female-friendly. If you have a business dream or aspire to work for a tech company, then consider startups. Don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and explore a whole new world.’