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Home » News » An Update from Pinion Gallery: Run by Matt Miley (FSU MFA '09), David Mcleish (FSU MFA '09), and Finn Gleeson

An Update from Pinion Gallery: Run by Matt Miley (FSU MFA '09), David Mcleish (FSU MFA '09), and Finn Gleeson

Published April 23, 2013

We Have A New Look
The Pinion Gallery website has a fresh, streamlined layout and design. The information is now easy to read on any computer, tablet, or smart phone HERE. You are receiving this email because you are friends or family of Matt Miley, Finn Gleeson, or David Mcleish who are all Pinion Gallery artists. This newsletter will be sent on a monthly basis and its purpose is to update you on the latest news from the gallery and its artist. Thank you for your support of our gallery!


David Mcleish
David is working to support the Voice Thru Arts Foundation.
The Voice Thru Art Foundation believes that those who have experienced a special journey have something to say. We have only one goal, to create a safe and non–biased atmosphere where Veterans can learn the skills of visual arts as a tool for passing on their incredible journey to others.
If you are interested in supporting the Voice Thru Arts Foundation then visit the website:

Matt Miley
Matt has started an online store through ETSY where prints of his work can be purchased HERE.
Matt has been selected as a featured artist in Studio Visit Magazine’s volume 19 (two page spread)
Click HERE to be redirected to the Studio Visit Magazine website.

Studio Visit is a series of juried artist books. Since 2008 we have offered artists a new and effective venue through which to introduce their work to a serious national audience of art world professionals. Studio Visit presents all two- and three- dimensional media and is now working on its 21st and 22nd volumes. Studio Visit will be received by two thousand curators and gallerists throughout the country as well as a growing base of collectors and enthusiasts.

Finn Gleeson
Finn Gleeson is currently working to host an exhibition in Bath, UK entitled “Leap into the Sublime”. More information about this event will be posted on the Pinion Gallery website soon. Finn’s work can be viewed on the “artists” section of the Pinion Gallery website.

About the
Pinion Gallery
The Pinion Gallery is an artist-run gallery and organization that hosts exhibitions nationally and internationally. A wide range of new and traditional media have been represented including sculpture, drawing, painting, video, and new media. At the location in Brooklyn, between 2010 and 2011, the gallery hosted seven exhibitions that included the work from local, national, and international artists.

The gallery has also held exhibitions at a location in Orlando, Florida. In 2012, We were invited to exhibit in Bath, UK during the summer olympics in association with Gleeson Galleries. The Gallery was also invited to participate in Miami Art Basel to host an exhibition in the MIMO (Miami Modern) district. Currently, exhibitions have been secured in 2013 in New York City, Bath (UK), and South Florida. In the future, the gallery is planning to host at spaces in New Orleans, Stockholm (Sweden), and return to Miami Art Basel.

At this time the Pinion Gallery is expanding dialogue with the contemporary art community by implementing an open submission policy for artists internationally who generate quality work and have an exhibition secured at a gallery space in their respective country. This exhibition must include all artists involved with the Gallery. If this exhibition proposal is accepted then the artist will be included on the Pinion Gallery website, newsletters, and social media. Pinion Gallery artists will also be included in all exhibitions hosted by the organization.