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Alexander Zastera

Published November 10, 2018

Alexander, holding a flower, poses between mattresses.

Q & A

Climate Crusader

Climate Crusader

What have you been doing since graduating from FSU?

Since graduating I have been contributing to the cultural scene of South Florida. After graduating Florida State University, I welcomed a job offer as a teaching artist at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). I worked there full-time in the education department working with the PAMM Teen Arts Council, developing workshops and giving tours of the collection. In my ‘free time’ I continued to produce bodies of work and allowed my new home and exposure to international contemporary art shift my style and narratives. After 4 years of the safety of a nine to five in the museum, I took a leap of faith in May to a full-time artist. I currently spend my time on independent projects, commissions, and teaching at institutions around Miami. My next project involves performance; transforming into the Climate Crusader, an environmental superhero building climate resilience and knowledge in the South Florida communities…..and eventually world wide.

What did you learn at FSU to get you there?

FSU really taught me the technical skill and craft of producing art. I have the confidence that I will be able to effectively communicate and execute my ideas. I also learned that friends you connect with in the collegiate environment are the best! You will be running into these cherished souls for the rest of your life and they will both invigorate and provide much need reflection on how far you have come. And while I didn’t see it as clear while I was in school, FSU taught me that connections are multidisciplinary. Reacting to the world in different forms of media only strengthens a vision with practice.

Alexander speaks with children about art.

What advice would you give to art students?

Shape the world
Always evolve, keep experimenting, and use all your talents to change how we interact with the world.

Business is an art
Start learning it now! Protect yourself. It’s just another language to talk with that a majority of the world use when money is involved. It is your friend, not your enemy.

You are your brand!
Be your truest self. Live as an artist. Light the beacon and people will come.

Cry, Scream & Laugh
It’s ok to digest, mourn, pause for a second in your making, but never stop. Making work is a necessity for sanity. Let it out and welcome new space.

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