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Urielle Blanchard’s Goals Materialize with Internship at Walt Disney Studios

Published November 14, 2019

from FSU Art BFA ’20 Urielle Blanchard :

“Since I was young, I’ve loved to draw. My passion for art led me to discover animation. The goal became to graduate school and work for Walt Disney Studios, however, the competition is fierce and competitive for their animation internships. In 2018, I discovered the Disney College Program. I knew by interning here it was a step in the door to help assist getting into Disney’s animation studios.

My job this semester was being a hostess at Saratoga Springs Resort’s Turf Club bar and grill in Walt Disney World. This meant I checked-in reservations, assigned seats, and greeted guests. Although this job didn’t pertain to my major, it has been a fulfilling life experience. When you are hired, before any guest interactions or pixy dust, you must go through overall company initiation. There I learned all about the history of Walt Disney and his dream. He turned an animation studio into a live show. As a cast member, playing a role, I become a part of that live show. I got to experience the ins and outs of the entertainment business. Also, I interacted with the tens of thousands of guests, who are a part of the influence of Disney Animations.

The Disney College Program allows you to meet people from around the world and make connections across various fields. They can assist you to get in contact with anyone in the company if you had questions, comments, or concerns about the field you are going into. Thanks to their housing options, I’ve become close with both my roommates. One of my roommates is in the culinary program and works in the main kitchen of Epcot. My other roommate is from Australia studying psychology and criminology. Her role is merchandise in Fantasyland of Magic Kingdom. Furthermore, I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime.

I highly recommend this internship. The Disney College Program provides a secure resume, great connections, and assistance into the Walt Disney Company. It’s a fun experience for one semester that also allows you to save for your future financially. All in all, it’s given me the tools to become successful in both my field and life.”