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Samantha Faber Interns at WKRN in Nashville

Published July 31, 2019


From FSU Art BA ’20 Samantha Faber:

“For the past eight weeks I’ve been interning with the graphics department at News Channel 2. It has been a great start to my summer. I’ve experienced the rush of making monitor graphics in under 10 minutes and creating fun videos for Fur Baby Friday. I’ve helped the graphics department by creating enplates for roadblocks, filming teasers for the late shows, and designing intros and outros for packages.

During this internship I was able to practice and advance my Photoshop skills as well as experiment in Premiere Pro while working on things for Channel 2’s social media. I’ve always been comfortable in Photoshop and I was pretty proficient at editing in older versions of what is now Premiere Pro; interning here has given me the opportunity to re-learn editing. I haven’t touched video editing software since high school. I was not confident with it at first but with some help from my supervisor and fellow interns I was able to edit short videos with ease.

One of the biggest struggles for me has been adhering to the style. All news stations have a similar, “newsy”style they use and have used for years. It has been difficult for me to develop strong designs that fit into that style.

One of the most memorable parts of my internship was editing the Fur Baby Friday video for social media every week. I was able to practice my Premiere Pro skills while helping my boss select pictures of cute pets to feature.

I would recommend this internship to other students so they can have a better understanding of job options available to them and how graphic design fits into news production. It is also a great opportunity to advance in the news business and gain resources and connections.

I will utilize the connections I’ve made moving forward with my career. I’m leaving this internship feeling excited about my future and fueled to continue learning about everything graphic design can offer.”