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Interning at 621 Gallery is a Rewarding Experience for Warren Sylne

Published July 24, 2019

From FSU Art BA ’19 Warren Sylne:

“621 Gallery hosts numerous events throughout the month. Some examples of these events include literary salons, film festivals, and exhibition openings. Our daily tasks at the gallery include maintaining a clean environment and assisting with projects and show preparation. Typically, I work alongside other interns to complete these tasks. During regular gallery hours we welcome in guests and inform them about all current events and future opportunities at the gallery. At the end of the day we would typically finish up by turning off all the track lights and fans, and then locking up the gallery.

Each month the work on display is taken down and new work is installed. In some cases, we work directly with the artists and help them to install their pieces, adjust lighting, and set up any additional equipment (projectors, speakers, etc.). Often times, you need to be able to think on your feet in order to find the most efficient way of solving a problem or completing a task. This part can be especially challenging but has taught me to be more resourceful. I got the opportunity to meet new artists and learn from them about their work, and the experiences they’ve had as professional artists. These were definitely some of the most memorable moments of the internship.

I would definitely recommend being an intern at 621 Gallery to anyone who is interested in learning more about how a gallery is managed and what goes on behind the scenes. This internship has taught me a lot about the curation process and the endless possibilities there are to connect and learn from other artists. This marks my second semester interning with 621 Gallery and it has been an extremely rewarding experience.”