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Addison Mathis Enjoys Internship at Cat Family Records

Published July 24, 2019

From FSU Art BA ’20 Addison Mathis:

“As a Cat Family Records art intern, my responsibilities included designing concert posters, photographing shows and bands, writing and editing spreads for tart (Cat Family’s Tallahassee arts zine publication), editing and creating content online, and working closely with artists to help develop their brand and further establish themselves in the Tallahassee music scene.

Through working with Cat Family, my design skills improved significantly. Concert posters present significant freedom with content and design: the only direction you are given is the information for the show. You have the freedom to take it any direction you choose, which proved to be an excellent challenge for me. My artistic practices usually involve text and various forms of media with a significant emotional theme, so working within the parameters of this new task was a beautiful avenue for me to advance my design and creative skills.

The best part of this experience is easily the people I worked with. Cat Family is just that—a family. It’s a unique and promising community that has brought me hope for my time in Tallahassee and connected me with a large amount of creative opportunities that I would not have had access to otherwise. The first couple of years I spent in Tallahassee were suffocating, but Cat Family ignited my love for the culture and soul of this city. I also owe my involvement in the local music and art scene to Cat Family records. It has brought me my closest friends and artistic mentors, teaching me as much about non-profit organizations and artistic work as what it means to live a full life within a community of creatives. It enables me to be the best version of myself.

I would highly recommend interning with Cat Family Records to other students. It is currently transitioning from volunteer-run to intern-run, so many more internship opportunities will be surfacing in the near future. You will also learn the value of artistic work in the music industry and develop self-accountability and teamwork skills. You may even find a little piece of your heart in this organization. I certainly did. I plan to continue my involvement with Cat Family until I leave Tallahassee, even after graduation.”