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Gabriella Richbourg Interns at LeMoyne Arts

Published May 8, 2019

from FSU Art BA ’19 Gabriella Richbourg:

“In my internship at Le Moyne Arts, I worked under Nancy Jefferson in the ceramics studio. As her intern, I worked to maintain the studio while also learning how to fire kilns and mix glazes. I also worked with Nancy Jefferson to prepare for her upcoming show at Chain of Parks.

In my experience, I learned how to do a variety of firing techniques including saggar, sawdust and raku firing. I also learned how to fire an electric kiln properly. Part of the internship was to attend a class hosted by Nancy Jefferson where she taught students the techniques of of alternative firing their works. This class also hand components of glazing and hand building.
Learning to fire kilns and mix glaze is a process of trial and error. I learned a lot from the mistakes I have made in the process of learning. I feel like the most memorable parts of the experience have been the feeling of success when I do something right and the relief of opening a kiln and having the pieces all come out exactly as expected.”