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Jessie Franklin Interns Wilderness Graphics, Inc

Published April 24, 2019


from FSU Art BA ’19 Jessie Franklin:

“This Spring semester I had the opportunity to intern with Wilderness Graphics, Inc. WGI is a local company Whose primary focus is creating exhibit designs centered around cultural and environmental topics. Many of their projects are for National Wildlife Refuges, and other conservation programs. Working together with their clients WGI develops innovative multi media experiences and interactive exhibits. During my time there I have been able to work on a variety of different projects mainly as a graphic designer. I have also been a part of different exhibit and game designs, as well as learned printing and fabrication methods. In doing this I have really been able to advance my digital design skills and become extremely detail oriented.

I have learned a great deal during my internship experience at WGI, much of it was taking skills I have been taught in class and learning how to apply them in a commercial setting. This was also perhaps my biggest struggle during this internship. I did not realize how much the manner and system of how I conduct my artwork would have to change to conform to a company’s standard. The team at WGI made this transition easier. They work together like a family to inspire one another and support each other. I am always encouraged to come up with ideas and ask questions. Every person is involved in various project decision making and is valued for the work and skills they bring to the company. I would recommend Wilderness Graphics to anyone interested in exhibit design and looking for a learning experience! I am so grateful for the opportunity given to me through WGI. They have helped strengthen my passion for innovation and design as well as steer me in a positive direction for my future career in graphic design.”