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Commabox Launches Latest Undertaking: Fragments

Published October 17, 2018
Comma Launch party

Clint Sleeper

Commabox, a multi-faceted art collective founded at FSU’s Facility for Arts Research, launched its latest undertaking, Fragments on September 29thCommabox’s wide-ranging projects include limited edition art boxes and pop-up art exhibitions in locations beyond traditional galleries and museums.

Fragments is a collection of small, limited edition art objects created and produced by a team of nationally recognized artists including Lorrie Fredette (NY), Carlos Kempff (NY), Chalet Comellas (TLH), Anne Stagg (TLH), Judy Rushin (TLH), Carolyn Henne (TLH), along with a collection of literary quotations curated by internationally renowned poet, Andrew Epstein (TLH).

The Fragments Launch Party allowed people to be immersed in the kind of art featured in the Fragments art box.   Attendees met the artists and enjoyed custom designed frozen sangrias, Archive Fever and Frozen Fragment.   The party took place among large inflatable sculptures; a high-energy video and audio work that responded directly to viewer engagement; and a projection of the items used as the basis for artworks included in Fragments.   And visitors found artworks in other unusual places throughout Happy Motoring!

The theme for Fragments was inspired by ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablets. Today these artifacts exist only as fragments, but they allow us to imagine a different world. The work of each artist featured in this edition addresses some type of fragmentation, whether having to do with lost identities, the piecing together of everyday materials, or the destructive nature of a blowhard president. A previous Comma collection titled “Ghost Objects” showcased artworks by Kevin Curry (TLH), Lilian Garcia-Roig (TLH), Rushin and Henne, as well as writer, Rob Rushin. An upcoming collection, titled “I Am Never Coming Home,” (Fall, 2019),  will feature artists Barbara Weissberger (Pittsburgh) and Eleanor Aldrich (Knoxville), and poet, Erin Belieu.

About Comma: Comma is building art communities across the country through its pop-up shows, exhibitions, and annual boxed collections of small art objects. Recognizing that the art world isn’t accessible to everyone, Comma takes an inclusive and interactive approach that focuses on creating conversations about the varied and changing cultural landscape. Comma gives voice to artists in traditional art venues, but also in taverns, homes, parks, and libraries across America, where people can respond to artworks in a more relaxed way. Comma is co-directed by Judy Rushin and Carolyn Henne. Both are on the Art Department faculty at FSU.  

About Happy Motoring!

Happy Motoring! is a local watering hole and food truck spot that believes great things happen when good people gather. It is located at 1215 S. Adams, Tallahassee, FL 32301.