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Emily Chavarie Interns at Mama’s Sauce

Published July 30, 2018

From FSU BA ’19 Emily Chavarie:

“As the summer goes on, I can see myself and my fellow interns becoming more efficient in quality control. That’s my job at Mama’s Sauce this semester. Myself and six other interns are responsible for looking over every product that leaves the shop, and giving it the Mama’s Sauce stamp of approval. We perform quality control on a variety of products, such as business cards, wedding suites, brand packaging, and posters, including the processes of screen print, letterpress, and hot foil. We have had the opportunity to work with all kinds of orders; Some that are 250 business cards and one that was an order of 10,000 earring cards! Our department is also responsible for packaging and shipping. We shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and carefully pack boxes to ensure that our products reach our clients safely. Although we are quality control interns, we have the opportunity to help other areas of the shop when they need it. So far this semester I have been able to try my hand at pre and post-duplexing.


Learning new processes, such as duplexing paper, and seeing all of the work that comes through the shop is very inspiring as an artist! We see innovative ways that artists and designers utilize paper color, composition, and more to create work that is one of a kind. I’ve been able to add a lot of work to my sketchbook and I cannot wait to get back to printing at school.

Mama’s Sauce puts on excellent seminars related to learning about the print world. We are able to take notes, ask plenty of questions, and work in a hands on manner. So far, we’ve talked, had a demonstration on a man-powered letterpress, pre-press prep, and had a guest artist come in and give us a masterclass on hand lettering, as well as had the opportunity to chat with the shop’s head screen printer, Tim, about the history of screen print. I’m glad I am learning things that I don’t know anything about, as well as getting new perspectives about some processes that I already know and love. This upcoming week, we are going to have seminars about finishing and screen print. There is an intern project every semester. This summer, we will be able to use a person powered letterpress from the 1960s. I am planning to print some 8 x 10 pieces’ commemorative of Club Downunder, which is getting torn down in the Union renovations. This current building has been open since the 1980s. I work at CDU as the resident photographer, so this piece means a lot to me.


This internship has taught me ways to be a more introspective artist and to use the resources I have available to the best of my advantage. It is something I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in delving into the world of printmaking.”