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Student News

Lillian Waller Interns with the Marketing Team at the Division of Student Affairs

July 22, 2020
I have had a rewarding experience interning with Florida State's Division of Student Affairs Marketing team. I was able to achieve all of my goals that I made for myself at the beg ...

Division of Student Affairs Offers Design Opportunities for Chloe Keicher

July 21, 2020
During my time with the DSA I was given the opportunity to engage with a variety of projects that each presented their own unique challenges. ...

Danaris Lopez Works as Marketing and Social Media Intern at the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum

July 21, 2020
My summer internship experience was with the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum in Peoria, Illinois. ...

Isabel Hautmann Interns at The Red Hills Motion Picture Releasing Company

July 16, 2020
For the Summer 2020 session, I was a marketing intern at The Red Hills Motion Picture Releasing Company, LLC (RHR). My internship was remote, and most of my time was spent promotin ...

Olivia Sanderford Creates Contests and Merchandise for Cat Family Records

July 16, 2020
Throughout my time thus far at Cat Family Records, I have worked on several assignments. I have performed tasks such as creating merchandise, contests, and art resources directory. ...