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Kyle Maguire Gets Creative with Internship at College Ink’d

Published August 3, 2020

from FSU Art BA ’21 Kyle Maguire:

Corona virus has made this summer much different than any other. I have been interning at College Ink’d Tattoo And Piercing Shop here in Tallahassee. The art of tattooing is a very hands on art, in which the artist and the client come in very close contact. This being said I have managed to make the most of my internship so far being that I am unable to be in contact with others. Although I have not made the connections within the tattoo community that I wished to have made, I have been able to grow my personal presence through the use of social media, which has made the challenges of networking remotely more possible.

My responsibilities thus far have included practicing my handling with the tattoo equipment, including the many safety precautions necessary for safe and responsible practice. From learning things such as the angles of entry, as well as the correct needle depths I have gained an understanding of the techniques necessary in order to properly execute a tattoo. As tattooing is a permanent practice, while learning the art, most apprentices practice on things such as fake skin or fruits such as oranges or grapefruit. One of my largest challenges, besides being unable to interact with those in the field of tattooing, has been the trial and error of different materials like brands of needles, fake skin, and ink. So far, I have most enjoyed being able to see the improvement of my work from the first attempts I made, as the progression has been noticeable and brings me closer to the actual profession of tattooing. From starting with no understanding of the mechanics behind the tattoo machines, I have been able to progress to the point of obtaining my tattoo license.

I would recommend this internship to other students as it is one that requires interest in the art, as well as a determination to progress within the field. I have had a deep interest in the art of tattooing for a long time, and being able to participate in a program such as this has been a gift as I have a deep respect for those who have been gracious enough to put the time out of their day to direct my progress in the industry.