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Phyllis Straus Gallery (CAB)

Floor PlanThe Phyllis Straus Gallery is a space for students to engage in the making of visual cultures, innovations, experimentation, and expression through exhibitions and events in contemporary art. Through juried and group exhibitions — as well as solo student showcasings made by appointment — Bachelors of Fine Arts students are given the opportunity to submit their work for potential selection for upcoming shows. Upon acceptance, works by these artists will be on display, accompanied by publication and press for the exhibition. Surrounding student exhibitions, collective events from artists, poets, musicians, and like-minded creative individuals will also take place. Above all, the Phyllis Straus Gallery is a center where openness, collaboration, creative inquiry, and the establishment of community is encouraged. We emphasize community to help provide a richer investment in learning and idea-sharing that we hope to see in a larger context around us.

Gallery Usage

The gallery will be open for documentation and personal student projects by appointment — through FABLabs’ reservation calendar — and, when possible, walk-ins are welcome. Collaboration is encouraged. Please always communicate with each other so that the space is most effectively utilized.


As a communal space, respect for the gallery and the work within it should always come as the first priority. Everyone is expected to leave the space as they found it, which, according to each case, will include:

  • Sand, spackle, and paint walls — use tarps!
  • Sweep floors.
  • Clean off brushes, paint, spatula, etc.
  • Put everything back in the closet.
  • Turn off the lights.

All materials, including tarps, paint, spackling, sanding paper, brooms and brushes, etc. are provided. Please be mindful of the usage of these materials since our funding is limited, and let’s keep our storage room clean and organized. Works displayed in the gallery for exhibition should not be deinstalled without prior notification to the gallery staff. Please always treat each other with respect.



BFA Studio Manager

Events and Opportunities

Long Walks on the Beach Reception

October 27, 2015
Please enjoy these pictures of the Gallery opening of “Long Walks on the Beach” featuring work by FSU Students. The gallery is located in the Carnaghi Arts Building in the Ph ...

Lasting Encounters: The Self

October 26, 2015
Lasting Encounters: The Self The Oxford English Dictionary defines encounter as a meeting face to face—among other similar things. When one thinks about it, there is only one tr ...

Phyllis Straus Gallery Showcases BFA Exhibition, “And Then There Was”

October 26, 2015
And Then There Was is a collection of works that highlight the multiple disciplines practiced within the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. It features painting, video, sculpture, boo ...

FSU Art’s Phyllis Straus Gallery: Poetry Boyz and Gurlz

October 7, 2015
Visual artists have been working alongside writers, musicians and other creative individuals since the beginning of civilization — but none more than poets have triggered such a ...
Lasting Encounters

Carnaghi Arts Building 9/17 Opening Receptions

September 16, 2015
The Department of Art is pleased to announce the openings of TWO exciting shows at the Carnaghi Arts Building! Mend will be at Working Method Contemporary Gallery and Lasting Encou ...