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Honors in the Major

click here for Art 2019 Honors in the Major Guidelines

Honors in the Major allows art students to create independent, original research as a part of the undergraduate experience. A Studio Art thesis project can be defined as a number of original works and/or research paper, which incorporates the methodology, results, and conclusions of academic research. Successful Honors in the Major students find that the talents they develop are especially useful later in graduate and professional school and in their careers. Art majors who are eligible for the Honors Program are strongly encouraged to create an Honors in the Major project in their junior and senior years.

Each Honors in the Major student works with faculty members of their choice on a two or three semester research project culminating in an Honors Thesis. Honors in the Major students defend their finished thesis in a meeting with their selected faculty members and submit the final thesis or research project to the University Honors Program. Successful completion of the Honors Thesis results in the distinction of graduating With Honors in Studio Art and is announced at graduation, along with having the honor on the student’s permanent record. Students who participate in Honors in the Major become members of the University Honors Program and are eligible for most program activities and other benefits.

How to Apply

Studio Art majors who are interested in the Honors in the Major Program may apply if they have:

  • Completed at least 60 college credits
  • Earned a 3.2 cumulative grade point average (GPA) on all course work (including transfer credits)

General information on the Honors in the Major program or admittance criteria can be obtained by contacting the University Honors Program at 850-644-1841. Find out more information on the Honors Program page.

Art majors interested in conducting an Honors in the Major project should contact the Department of Art Honors in the Major liaison, Carrie Ann Baade.

Recent Honors in the Major Research Projects

Laura Pellini, Honors Thesis 2022, – Where Are the Women?: A Critical Evaluation of Female Representation in Science Fiction, Horror, and Action Film Posters

Abstract: Women are missing in many modern film posters. Design trends show that advertisers targetting predominantly male audiences exclude strong female leads from poster design because they do not fit within traditional standards of emphasized femininity. This project experiments with film poster design as a tool for equality by creating female-centered designs that challenge gender biases and help to correct preconceived notions of sex-based power dynamics in moviegoers.


Lilliana Reinoso, Honors Thesis 2021, – GIVE IT BACK!: Reclaiming Restitution


Kiara Garvin, Honors Thesis 2020- Tree Bark Bones

Abstract: This creative project investigates the perception of self through the investigation of exploratory printmaking. The objective of this work was to find the relation an individual has to their own views of the world and how those views are impacted by their subconscious mind and past experiences. The primary form of printmaking practiced during this thesis was intaglio on cotton sheets with etched plexiglass plates.


Drexton Redway Honors Thesis- Darker Gaze: Visual Practice and the Augmented Identity of the Black Male

Drexton Redway Ted Talk


Other Recent Honors in the Major:

Laura Miller

Jennifer Egelfeld

Drexston Redway

Colleen O’Neill

Karina Mago