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FSU Art Professor Carrie Ann Baade Publishes Comprehensive Monograph

Published October 18, 2022

Strange and disturbing creatures are seated at a long table in this unsettling painting.

Carrie Ann Baade, professor of painting and drawing and director of the Department of Art’s BFA Program, has published a comprehensive monograph of her work entitled Scissors & Tears.

Article courtesy of La Luz de Jesus Press | Contact: Matthew Gardocki

Scissors & Tears is a comprehensive monograph of two decades of paintings by Carrie Ann Baade. This volume reveals the dramatic intensity and intricate detail of 100 surreal self-portraits for which the artist has been renowned from 2002 to the present. Carrie Ann Baade’s oil paintings feature intricate iconography and imagery that invoke and converse with the Renaissance and Baroque canvases, the mythic past, and the echoes of the self in layered narratives and fantastical parables. Included in the volume are an essay by art scholar and critic Susan Aberth providing insight into Baade’s collage method, fiction contributions about the ekphrastic by author Selena Chambers, and a contextual overview by curator Anna Wall.

A promotional image for Baade's book. Her colorful artwork featuring a sad eye is on the cover.

Scissors & Tears is a comprehensive monograph of two decades of paintings
by Carrie Ann Bade.

“Carrie Ann Baade is a visionary artist. She is ferocious in her approach, not thinking about the casual observer but solely considering the resounding strength of the work before her. There is a visceral nature to her paintings and the emotions they provoke are strong and uncompromising. Yet, you are drawn to the beauty and elegance of the art, sometimes even wishing yourself into the painting, but then you stop yourself at just the right moment so that you can take a step back and admire the brilliance of Carrie Ann Baade.”

-Ann VanderMeer, publisher, editor, and winner of the Hugo Award

“Baade’s paintings open like portals, their dimensionality and intensity of color and figure pulling the reader into the canvas and across the timeless bridge of the psyche. Every gesture is sacred, every movement transcending the profane, as we confront through the intimacy of her work the ecstasy of the human condition entwined with the rush of the cosmos.”

– Saba Syed Razvi, poet & scholar

Carrie Ann Baade (born 1974 in Louisiana) is a contemporary painter whose work quotes from, interacts with, and deeply relates to art history. Over the past 25 years, she has shown in over 200 exhibitions and 25 solo exhibitions, including: the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Mesa Contemporary Museum of Art, the Pensacola Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville, the Delaware Contemporary, Billy Shire Fine Arts and La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles, the Harwood Museum in Taos, the Warsaw Cultural Center, the Instituto de America de Santa Fe in Granada, Spain; and the Ningbo Art Museum in China. Raised on the front range in Colorado, she lives and works in Northern Florida, where she is a Professor of Painting and Drawing at Florida State University.