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Department of Art / About Us / Facilities


The Department of Art currently occupies 4 on-campus buildings and 2 off-campus sites.

On Campus

Fine Arts Building (FAB)

The Fine Arts Building houses the main art offices as well as numerous undergraduate classrooms and specialized labs for Foundations, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Digital Media.

Arts Teaching Lab Building (ATL)

The ATL building, a de-consecrated church, houses Painting and Drawing classrooms and painting faculty offices.

Kellogg Research Building (KRB)

The Kellogg Research Building houses the Printmaking area facility.


Florida State University houses two Mac classrooms to be used for Digital Photo, Digital Foundations, Digital Media and various other digital classes.

Off campus

Carnaghi Art Building

The Carnaghi Arts Building (CAB) accommodates studio space for several departments in the College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance, including the Department of Art, the Department of Interior Design, and the School of Theatre. This 114,000+ square foot space provides a unique and collaborative learning environment for students in all art disciplines.
CAB houses the Department of Art’s BFA and MFA student studios, where students can create work while fostering a community between the programs. MFA students have access to the photo documentation room, ceramics shop, multi-use room, woodshop, and the metal shop. This building also contains the MFA Gallery and the Phyllis Straus Gallery, built to host exhibitions that are open to the public.

Facility for Arts Research

The Facility For Arts Research (FAR) is a venture of the Florida State University College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance, offering space and specialized equipment for experimental printmaking, spatial audio, electronics and digital fabrication to researchers, faculty and students as part of a rigorous interdisciplinary investigation into artmaking. FAR engages and educates 21st century makers in the collaborative, cross-disciplinary experiences of contemporary arts research, supporting and promoting the integration of digital and traditional art and design methods to create unique objects that might be impossible to make in other ways.
Located in Tallahassee, Florida, FAR incorporates both Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP), which blends traditional and digital printmaking processes and promotes collaborations between artists and writers to create artists’ books, and formLab, which gives artists, designers and scientists access to a variety of tools they can use to create unique 3D objects and explore and visualize form in a tactile, multisensory way.