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The Third Annual TGF Art Challenge to Celebrate Vision

Published September 9, 2022


The TGF annual Challenge is for artists and those who want to celebrate their work to help fund the research that will someday save the vision of millions of people with glaucoma, the silent thief of sight. Artists express the joy of seeing, and that is why TGF invites artists, and everyone who appreciates their work, to celebrate that joy. TGF’s Art Challenge is about vision, for vision. To participate share a digital copy of your artwork with us, your friends, family, colleagues, and thousands of other viewers. From August 16 to September 16, ask them to honor your artistic vision by making a gift on TGF’s Art Challenge page.

See all of the artists who have already joined the Challenge and donated a digital copy of their work. And please consider donating something of your own and/or making a gift to bring someone else’s vision into focus. Or, to donate the original work for auction, contact Elena .

Every gift in honor of an artist funds sight-saving research and may win them a $500 award for their fundraising. Artists and $500+ donors will receive a book of all the artwork at the end of the Challenge.