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Mona Bozorgi

Published August 1, 2022

Assistant Professor
Department of Art                                          Curriculum Vitae



Office: FAB411



Mona Bozorgi is an artist-scholar whose interdisciplinary research
and artistic practice explore the correlation between representation and performativity in photography. Bozorgi’s artistic practice is intertwined with posthuman critical theory and focuses on the process of the materialization of bodies and its impact on the construction and production of identities. As an Iranian-born artist, her work confronts historical exclusions based on gender, provides alternative ways of understanding the contemporary self, and explores the intersections of bodies and technology.

Bozorgi’s research engages with the nomadic knowledge of marginalized and minority groups in popular culture. Her recent project, “Threads of Freedom,” incorporates images taken by Iranian women themselves and shared on social media. Blending textiles, photography, and installation, she troubles the traditional view of photographs as flat objects, questions the binary between the supposedly immaterial digital and physical materiality of photographs, and demonstrates the entanglement between the materiality of photographs and their meanings.

Professor Bozorgi’s teaching philosophy is inspired by feminist pedagogy, prioritizes a non-canonical approach, and fosters an inclusive and non-hierarchical creative learning environment. Art-Based Research and Research-Creation methodologies are central to her work, and Bozorgi utilizes these approaches to support graduate and undergraduate students with their artistic production and scholarly work.

Bozorgi’s work has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in the U.S. and internationally in Austria, England, Sweden, South Korea, and Iran, among others. Her work as a scholar has been presented at prominent conferences within the field on a variety of research topics, including photography theory, feminist post-humanism, visual culture studies, women’s and gender studies, and media studies. Her recent articles, “Threads of Freedom: Unweaving/Reweaving Representation” (2023) andVirtual Reality in Art Education” (2021), were published in Art Journal Open and the journal Trends.


  • Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), Interdisciplinary Arts: Critical Studies and Artistic Practice, Texas Tech University, TX USA.
  • Graduate Certificate, Women’s and Gender Studies, Texas Tech University, TX USA.
  • Master of Fine Arts, Photography, Savannah College of Art and Design, GA USA.
  • Bachler of Arts, Photography, Azad Art and Architecture University, Tehran, Iran.

Research & Teaching Areas of Interests & Expertise

  • Theory and Practice of Photography
  • Global Aesthetics and Critical Theories
  • Feminist Thought in Contemporary Photographic Art Practice
  • Post-humanism and New Materialisms
  • Virtual Reality and Photo Narrative
  • Media Studies and Performativity
  • Digital Humanities