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Maya Herbert Learns the Principles of Design while Interning at Division of Student Affairs Marketing

Published April 22, 2021

from FSU Art BA ’22 Maya Herbert:

This is my first semester at the Division of Student Affairs Marketing, and it has been a great experience. I feel I have grown in my experience with Adobe products along with design principles. My responsibilities at the internship included getting weekly assignments designing announcements and flyers for various student groups. My supervisor gave helpful feedback about design choices while still allowing for creative freedom. The team helped interns feel heard and supported. Despite the pandemic restricting communications to Zoom and online chat, DSA still gives its interns meetings to get to know each other and share their work. These meetings have been great to help provide a sense of a team and get peer feedback on projects.

Since the internship had to be remote, asking the right questions was essential to ensure projects were completed correctly. Double-checking dimensions and color schemes helped a lot. It was a learning process, but I gained a skill that will be valuable in the future. Learning proper time management was important too. DSA Marketing has been great because they never make you feel rushed to finish an assignment while still motivating you to make significant progress in your shifts through frequent check-ins. If you are new to a program, your supervisor is always there for a zoom call to ask questions or give a tutorial. As a new intern, they also provide an excellent tutorial guide to many Adobe programs to help provide a refresher on the products or even teach a new one.

One of my most memorable and favorable assignments was working on a flyer for an upcoming school panel. I learned many new tools in Illustrator with the project and was happy with the outcome. If anyone is looking for an internship to learn some new graphic design skills, I would highly recommend working with the Division of Student Affairs Marketing.