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Lillian Waller Interns with the Marketing Team at the Division of Student Affairs

Published July 22, 2020

from FSU Art BA ’21 Lillian Waller:

I have had a rewarding experience interning with Florida State’s Division of Student Affairs Marketing team. I was able to achieve all of my goals that I made for myself at the beginning of this internship, including network building and improving my skills as a graphic designer. Even though this year was a little different due to COVID-19, I always felt I had a way of fast and easy communication with every staff member and always felt comfortable expressing any thoughts that I had.

The responsibilities that I took on as an intern were making sure that I looked over my assignments for my shift that day, communicating with my supervisor any questions I may have about the assignment, and start working towards coming up with drafts to create a final product. I feel as though I gained an extensive amount of skill in Adobe Illustrator; however, I also gained more knowledge in Photoshop and Indesign than had before I started interning.

The challenges that I had to face were mostly due to adjusting to a new normal such as, Zoom calls and emails. Interning at a job that is big on their collaboration, it was very difficult to find ways to collaborate on projects. The most enjoyable parts of the experience were seeing my final pieces getting the stamp of approval to be sent off to our clients. It felt good knowing that something that I created could be potentially seen by an entire student body or more. I would highly recommend this internship to any student who is thinking about or wants to pursue a career in graphic design. The skills that I have learned and the people that I have met have made this internship worth while