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Kristin Ringuette Gains Design Experience as Intern for Division of Student Affairs

Published April 24, 2020

from FSU Art BA ’20 Kristin Ringuette:

Interning at Division of Student Affairs at Florida State University gave real-world experience of being a graphic designer. My responsibilities included helping staff to market services through print and digital mediums through graphic designs on various university-wide campaigns. Throughout my time at Division of Student Affairs, I was able to complete graphic design projects that I had never done before. Division of Student Affairs allowed me to sketch, design and print multiple logo ideas for their campaigns where I was able to get critical feedback on design choices. The projects given helped me improve greatly in Illustrator by exploring tools I had not used before. The helpful feedback pushed me to think creatively and trust my decisions. The most challenging part of the internship was the self doubt. While learning new skills I struggle with wondering if I’m doing things “right.” Thankfully, my managers weren’t concerned with a “right” way to do things. They were more focused on pushing creativity and putting ideas into art boards that could later be tweaked. The mentality that they encouraged helped me push past the barriers of wanting my designs to be perfect. Instead, I was encouraged to put any and all ideas down and that no idea was “wrong” or “bad.”


Before DSA Marketing, I had never designed a logo from start to finish and they allowed me to see through my ideas and also provide encouragement and involvement in various departments. While most of my time at DSA marketing was done completing different tasks for logos, I was also able to explore social media by editing flyers which helped build my skills in Photoshop. Not only was I able to build new skills, they also encouraged my photography skills by letting me edit headshots and take new campus photos.

The most memorable part about DSA marketing are the people. The community that is built is friendly, kind and encouraging. All of the interns are there to help each other, and the managers are never condescending or discouraging. I would highly recommend this internship for anyone who wants to know what the future could possibly hold and what projects graphic designers do on a daily basis.