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Katie Kehoe’s 3D Foundations students put their constructions to the test

Published November 22, 2022

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 15, students enrolled in Professor Katie Kehoe’s 3D Foundations classes suspended themselves off the ground using 8 structures they designed and built expressly for this purpose.Starting with milled wood, students used basic joinery techniques to create intricate structural supports designed specifically to hold their bodies and bring them out of contact with the ground. The sculptures were designed to assist the figure in assuming a particular form in space. Among the group, there were some leaning and reclining figures as well as some in more acrobatic poses.

Over the course of 8 classes, students worked in teams to design, construct, perform, and document this body of work. The performances took place on Tuesday afternoon on the Ed Love Sculpture Garden platforms located outside of the FSU Fine Arts Building. Katie Kehoe is an interdisciplinary artist who creates socially engaged performance and site-specific installation, often incorporating duration, prop, and photography as defining artistic elements. Kehoe joined FSU in August as a Visiting Professor. Be sure to keep an eye out next semester for more!

3D Foundations is a hands-on class exploring form and space via a range of materials, techniques, and concepts. Through exposure to contemporary and historical techniques and approaches, students are encouraged to experiment with both traditional and new materials. Critical problem solving, fundamental construction techniques, and creative inquiry are emphasized in this class. For more info on the Foundations studio art courses at FSU, visit