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Isabel Hautmann Interns at The Red Hills Motion Picture Releasing Company

Published July 16, 2020

from FSU Art BA ’21 Isabel Hautmann:

For the Summer 2020 session, I was a marketing intern at The Red Hills Motion Picture Releasing Company, LLC (RHR). My internship was remote, and most of my time was spent promoting different films and projects through social media. Though I had some experience using social media for personal uses, my time with RHR showed me a different angle that Facebook and Twitter can be used.

Our main responsibility was to write promotional social media posts daily, unless we were screening a new film during that shift. The internship was broken into 3-hour shifts, and in that time, we had virtual meetings and spent most of our time writing new posts or talking about ways to improve our writing and outreach. One challenge I had to deal with was the fact that I am a slow writer. We have daily quotas to strive for, and I’ve always been someone who struggles with the beginning of a paragraph or the introduction of a paper. It not as though I don’t have some ideas, but translating ideas into well-written sentences can be a slow process for me. Thankfully, the quality and creativity of our writing is valued as well. The social media posts are intended to sound genuine with the writer’s unique voice, so we aren’t copying and pasting the same script everywhere.

The most enjoyable part of this internship would be, for me, the exposure to different and unique cinema. The main clients of RHR are independent movie makers, so I’ve found it an interesting experience, discussing independent films of high quality with people my age. If you’re looking to improve your marketing skills, writing skills, and/or you have a passion for original/independent films, then this is a fantastic opportunity to learn not only about marketing tactics but also about the world of indie cinema.