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Highlighting Foundations Student: Julia Stephens

Published February 6, 2024


In Adjunct Professor AnnaBrooke Greene’s 3D Foundations course, students crafted objects of power using soft sculpture techniques. Julia Stephens impressed Greene with her impactful work. The project directive was to create a soft sculpture “object of power”, at least 3 ft. in its longest dimension, expressing a personal or universally recognized symbol of power. Julia chose to make a statement on the negative effects of power by crafting a soft sculpture of a mounted taxidermy deer head. Greene highlighted the use of sewing, stuffing, reductive foam carving, and yarn wrapping in Julia‘s project.

Julia explained, “Approaching the topic of power, I veered to more of the negative effects of power. Taxidermy is often a symbol of power to men, a trophy for a successful hunt displayed with pride. But why are they so proud? That is the question I wanted to make people ask when they looked at my piece.” The resulting soft sculpture deer, resembling taxidermy trophies, features abstract guts to emphasize the grim reality of hunting.

Despite setbacks, Julia adjusted her plan, opting for a more delicate look, creating a juxtaposition with the implied gore. Greene praised Julia‘s dedication, noting her impact on the classroom community. Greene expressed, “Julia is an important member of our Foundations classroom community who actively demonstrates a work ethic that raises the standards for one’s peer group. She dedicates herself to the time it takes to make refined work that is well crafted.”