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Highlighting Foundations Student: Lauren Schuler

Published January 30, 2024


In Adjunct Professor AnnaBrooke Greene’s 3D Foundations class, students were challenged to craft an “object of power” using soft sculpture materials. One outstanding project caught Greene’s attention – a corset fashioned by Lauren Schuler from her husband’s Marine Corps desert camouflage shirt.Lauren explained her inspiration, saying, “I found my inspiration in my husband’s old Marine Corps uniforms.” She reflected on the significant power dynamic associated with military attire, considering both its empowering and potentially abusive aspects. Her aim was to deconstruct the traditional military shirt and reconstruct it into a softer, more feminine form by creating a corset.The corset, laden with symbolism, marked a departure from its historical associations. Lauren clarified, “While corsets have a long history in women’s fashion, initially as a symbol of torture or repression according to my research, it has in the past fifty years been reclaimed by women as a symbol of empowerment and female sexuality.”Greene commended Lauren’s impactful project, noting her vital role in the classroom community, evidenced by thoughtful class discussions, collaborative group work, and the creation of strongwork. Specifically praising Lauren’s “Object of Power” project, Greene highlighted the innovative project stating, “Instead of making a stuffed form, she made an unstuffed wearable using soft sculpture materials and techniques such as sewing and braiding.” Lauren’s work not only demonstrated artistic prowess but also highlighted a deep understanding of the nuanced relationships tied to symbols of power.