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FSU BFA alums team up to exhibit the fine art of game design

Published October 16, 2023


Alumnus Morgan Joseph Hamilton (FSU Art BFA ’13) co-curated an exhibition that focuses on the fine art of game development. It is part of the ARTCADE exhibition, which is on view at the Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington, Delaware, from September 8th to December 31st, 2023. Hamilton worked with former classmate and BFA alumna Costcodreamgurl (Julia Krueger, FSU Art BFA ‘13) to showcase her forthcoming game “Jellygirl”, as well as other internet game developers. Using as a playground, he and his co-curator, Chase Dougherty, played and included games that resonated with them. These ranged from fun and whimsical, to nostalgic and even deeply contemplative.

Exhibition description: Interactive art and design has become more seamless, more engaging, and arguably, more enmeshed within the fine arts community. Seldom featured within physical spaces, these digitally crafted experiences can provide a more comprehensive and evolved perspective on contemporary art. Each ARTCADE artist conceptually presents a glimpse into a rich world that can harness our imagination, challenge our minds, or even question our own humanity.

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