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FSU Art Professor Mona Bozorgi featured in Photo London

Published June 22, 2023

Article courtesy of Juxtapoz

Mona Bozorgi and Emma Creighton Hopson Featured with SCAD @ Photo London

Last week was the showing of the UK’s premier photography art fair, Photo London, and our friends at SCAD had a showcase with their alumni in Mona Bozorgi and Emma Creighton Hopson.  Questioning the materiality of their medium, both Bozorgi and Hopson reimagine constructs of image-making through the act of re-photographing. Each of their distinct practices contemplates ideas of womanhood and femininity in relation to patriarchal systems.

In her series Object Fatale, Bozorgi examines the commercialization of the body using a technique suggestive of product photography. By juxtaposing human bodies and objects, she channels photography’s transformative power into multilayered images that interrogate female objectification.

In her series Wish You Were Here You Are, Hopson rejects patriarchal idealizations of the maternal. Using herself and her children as primary subjects, she taps into a sense of nostalgia, growth, and the passing of time, reflecting both the illusory condition of photography and the nuances and complexities of motherhood.