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FSU Art Alumni Rachel Rossin Featured in Art21: New York Close Up

Published March 9, 2022

FSU Art Alumni Rachel Rossin has been featured in Art21: New York Close Up, a film series providing an intimate look at artists in the first decade of their professional career, who live and work in New York City. The film, titled Rachel Rossin’s Digital Homes explores the artist’s question, How do you create comfort and care in the realm of the digital? and takes viewers through the artist’s approach to her multi disciplinary works that include painting, sculpture, and digital realities.

The film is part of Art21’s participation in the multi-institutional Feminist Art Coalition initiative. Feminist Art Coalition (FAC) is a platform for art projects informed by feminisms, fostering collaborations between arts institutions that aim to make public their commitment to social justice and structural change.

Art21 is a celebrated global leader in presenting thought-provoking and sophisticated content about contemporary art, and is the go-to place to learn first-hand from the artists of our time. Established in 1995, the non-profit provides access to art to diverse audiences through social media, film, educational resources, professional development programs, online publications, and their Peabody Award-winning PBS-broadcast television series Art in the Twenty-First Century.

Rossin was born in 1987 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received a Bachelor of Arts and Science from Florida State University. A self-taught programmer working in painting, installation, and virtual reality, Rossin examines the slippage between virtual and physical space, building hybrid sites for escape and reflection.