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FSU Art 2021 Alumni Interview with Nyala Yvonne

Published April 19, 2023

FSU Digital Media Area Head and Professor Tra Bouscaren recently interviewed Nyala Yvonne, an FSU Art alum and multidisciplinary artist. Their conversation is documented below.



When did you graduate and what have you been doing since then?I graduated from FSU in 2021. After graduating, I moved to Atlanta, GA, and began working as an artist and full-time Media Management Operator. I have worked directly with a variety of clientele, such as ABC network/Disney, CBS, Sinclair Television Group, and Fuse Media Company, to name a few. As of this year, I had the privilege of being the first ever fully funded artist in residence at Underground Atlanta galleries, having my first solo art exhibition, and launching my online apparel retail store Golden Half. In my spare time, I work as a freelance video editor and creative consultant.What advice would you give incoming art students at FSU?I have three tips that I would give to incoming art students. I would encourage incoming art students to explore methods of obtaining multiple sources of passive income while in school. I would also urge them to remember that resting is one of the most productive ways that time can be used. Lastly, I would want them to know that the failures I’ve collected in my journey thus far have been far more substantial and beneficial than my achievements.What are you looking forward to?I am looking forward to facilitating more collaborative art projects, free community-based experiences, workshops, and learning opportunities in the Atlanta area in the near future. I’m interested in uniting people of all ages and varying educational experiences in a free-form space where they can network and mutually benefit from each other’s knowledge or lack thereof.

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