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FAR & Away: Sonnenzimmer and Kiley Brandt: “Three Sides of a Line”

Published November 9, 2021

On November 9th at 7pm FAR & Away will be featuring Sonnenzimmer and Kiley Brandt’s “Three Sides of a Line.” This work is based on the holographic principle and explores the two dimensional space in our reality. The Holographic Principle is a concept in modern physics hypothesizing that our three dimensional world has a two dimensional representation on the horizon of the universe. This “horizon” marks the physical edge of knowable space, at which it is expanding in every direction. Over the course of two intake conversations, Kiley Brandt and Sonnenzimmer, sat down to talk with Professor Jeremiah Murphy from Florida State University, about the Holographic Principle and generally exchange ideas around image events in physics. This encounter built the framework to think further through flatness. Thereafter a script was developed to translate and perform the flatness discovered and felt. This performance will go on for about 20 minutes followed by a Q+A session for participants. You can register for the event here to gain access to the zoom link. 

Please note this performance is being recorded  for the purpose of the artists’ records and their usage. By entering you are giving consent to this recording. 

Closed captioning can be accessed by participants via zoom. A descriptive script will be provided the day of the performance to attendees. If further accessibility is needed please contact for more assistance.