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Faculty Feature: Carrie Ann Baade, “Creativity comes from making a mess.”

Published December 13, 2022

Florida State University professor and Studio Art BFA program director Carrie Ann Baade, a surrealist painter whose work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally, has been a member of the Department of Art faculty since 2007.   In her works, Baade incorporates the materials and techniques of renaissance painters and often interprets this style through a feminist lens.

During her recent sabbatical, Baade completed her monograph Scissors and Tears, exhibited her work in Australia and Indonesia, had a solo exhibition at the Pensacola Museum of Art, served as a juror for the Baton Rouge Gallery’s 14th Annual Surreal Salon, and completed 35 new paintings.

Her book, Scissors & Tears, recently published by La Luz de Jesus Press and now available from Amazon and other retailers; is a comprehensive look at her work throughout her career and provides insights into her process and the narratives behind the collage-style elements that are present throughout her body of work.

“Some of what I wrote was about my working method, and some was a response to the technique itself. For example, I compose my work from fragments of historical paintings. In graduate school, I revered many historical artists and had this apprehension that there was nothing new I could contribute,” Baade states. “I was paralyzed by the belief that all the good paintings had already been painted and there was nothing for me to contribute, so I cut up images of these masterworks and started playing with them in the form of collages as a foundation for new paintings with my voice. A lesson to take away from that is that creativity comes from making a mess. If you don’t make an incision, there is nowhere to insinuate yourself.”

Baade credits FSU with her ability to engage as an artist on an international scale. As her career has evolved, Baade works to gain new knowledge and skills to serve as a better resource for her students and an ardent supporter of the University. “Being asked to travel to the other side of the world to exhibit my work was a big request, but being part of FSU makes that travel possible,” she said. “Because of the University, I can have an international career and bring those experiences back to inform my teaching. Florida State’s support of research in the arts makes so many things possible.”

Baade’s passion for her students and her role as a teacher and mentor is clear. She takes pride in providing advice that sets students up for success in the art world and encourages them to take advantage of the many opportunities that FSU offers.

View her book here. Visit to learn more about FSU’s BFA Studio Art program.