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Eshe Shakir Explores her Interest in Screen Printing with Assistant Professor Daniel Luedtke

Published April 21, 2020

from FSU Art BA ’20 Eshe Shakir:

My internship with Assistant Professor Daniel Luedtke was focused in the printmaking department. I requested to work with Daniel because I found an interest in screen-printing and saw that working with Daniel would be a great opportunity to have before graduating from FSU. Working in the lab one on one taught me to appreciate the art-making process more and the habitual skill of printmaking. After I learned the basic steps to properly print a screen, I assisted Daniel in editing and printing collage pieces that was then layered on top of a layered printed screen. Each print had a individual group of collages pieces that were applied separately. The process involved using an exact-o knife and carefully placing them in their designated area. The process of adding enough layers to get a certain effect and repeating the steps all over again.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 broke out, Daniel and I have been working remotely on research in support of a developing Sound Arts Lab at FAR. Research includes looking up sound art studios around the world in the search of learning what each facility offers and if they offer any additional experimental programs. The developing lab at FAR is intending to act as a space for recording and production for students and faculty who are interested in experimental music. The space is also intended to be available for other departments on campus, such as Departments of Arts, Film, College of Music, and the College of Communications, all in the support of creating a diverse learning environment.

My journey while participating in this internship was great. I learned the importance of research and learning what other artists are interested in. I gained skills in the screen-printing process and the patience required to do it repetitively. Some of the challenges I faced involved the mistakes I made when screen printing and continuing to remember all the necessary steps while printing.

Reflecting on the experience I had, the most memorable part was simply learning the process Daniel goes through in order to get the final product. It helped me put my artistry into perspective when I am working on a project and respect the meticulous nature artists have aside from myself. I would definitely recommend this internship to other students. Daniel is a very easy going individual who is supportive and understanding of his students. He taught me a great deal about printmaking and overall quality advise from teacher to student. I really enjoyed my experience.