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Eli Goldstone is Introduced to New Tools and Equipment with Internship

Published April 24, 2020

from FSU Art BFA ’20 Eli Goldstone:

This past Spring 2020 semester, I was able to acquire an internship position at Master Craftsman Studio, which specializes in the fabrication and installation of many of the artworks around FSU’s campus. The opportunity to work alongside professional studio artists would only serve to improve my ability as a sculptor and fabricator. I first learned about this fantastic internship fellow BFA students who had previously interned there. After researching the studio, I was especially interested in the chance to work on artwork commissioned by and for FSU.

As an intern at Master Craftsman Studio, each work day was never the same as the last. Our responsibilities as interns changed daily as we shifted from project to project. I was expected to work in various mediums, such as paint, glass, lumber, clay, and molding and casting. Though I was able to work on individual projects, I was also able to help out on larger, studio projects. For example, I was tasked with cutting and sanding down pieces of Heritage wood that would then be used for laser-engraved plaques. Additionally, us interns helped out on a project commissioned by Disney World. Not only were we responsible for fabricating work, we were also given the opportunity to install some art on FSU campus. With the supervision of some of the Master Craftsman staff, myself and the other interns were allowed to help install some large-scale paintings that were donated to the new Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science building. While the internship helped improve my fabrication skills, it also gave me some experience with the installation of artwork. Having experiences like this will definitely help me as I look to eventually work as an art handler.

My favorite thing about the Master Craftsman internship is the fact that the studio employees repeatedly express their interest in what you want to learn. As a result, I was introduced to new tools and equipment such as the CNC Router, the Water Jet located near Innovation Park, and the lathe. Though this internship would be great for anyone looking to eventually work in the fabrication industry, it is also a great opportunity to understand what it is like to work in a professional studio setting. Additionally, students working in all mediums are welcomed at this internship. The studio provides equal opportunities to work in all mediums.