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Dimitar Kehayov Develops his Style of Digital Illustrations Interning for FSU Football Team

Published December 9, 2020

from FSU Art BA ’21 Dimitar Kehayov:

My current responsibilities include managing a list of 40+ recruits, as well as producing and organizing the graphics made for them. I am also responsible for creating/designing future templates for recruitment graphics. This is somethings that’s done on photoshop with the addition of other programs like procreate, lightroom, and illustrator. I am also responsible for culling and editing live photos during game days for social media and future content. As far as skills go, I have learned a lot about RAW images and Lightroom Classic. I have also progressed in my digital illustrations and drawing with vector shapes. Something I set out to work on was developing a style with my digital illustrations. Since then I’ve been working with procreate and fresco to create different styles of illustrations.

The main challenges I face are meeting deadlines and producing new content. Sometimes you get burnt out on designing and come to a dead end in terms of creativity. The bounce back from that and being able to come up with a sharp design, is the biggest challenge I have encountered. The most memorable and enjoyable part of my experience so far with this internship is being around the stadium and being involved with the football program. When I joined the creative department, I was one of the first interns they brought on. Within a couple of months, we made so much progress in producing quality content on a regular basis, that other people were starting to notice. A few sports journalists wrote about our success, and it felt good to be a part of that. I also really enjoy working home games and helping send out content during the game.

I would recommend this internship to any student comfortable with working in a sports environment. This is a great experience to learn a lot about how the sports design industry works and the current trends in design. There is a lot of teamwork and collaborating involved so that is also a great attribute to pick up. On top of all the technical skills and design tricks you learn, you also learn a lot about the program, the history of the stadium and notable alumni.