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Denise Bookwalter

Published August 11, 2015

IMG_0194BFA Director and Professor
Department of Art                                                          Curriculum Vitae


Office: FAB409


My work and research is a series of explorations and investigations into the development of technologies, most recently centered around aviation through early flight models, aviation’s lesser known pioneers and the fascination of the early airships.

Historical visual and literary investigation leads to series of prints, animations and installations that create a dialogue between the historical and contemporary perspectives of developing technologies. Many of the historical machines are rebuilt in a digital virtual space using 3D modeling in addition to other digital tools and subsequently exported into traditional and experimental print medias and animations creating a dialogue between the virtual and the actual, the historical and the contemporary, and science and art. The work addresses my explorations and experiments with materials, 3D space, the traditional verses the digital, and the history of technology.


Indiana University

Research & Teaching  Areas of Interests & Expertise