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Claudia Guerra Interns at FSU Campus Recreation Marketing Department

Published April 20, 2020

from FSU Art BFA ’20 Claudia Guerra:

In broader terms, I was working on the Photography and Outreach of the department. I pitched a project called “Leach Journeys”, which consisted of interviewing patrons of the Leach, the gym at Florida State, and taking their portrait and posting that on social platforms. I also facilitated photoshoots with instructors, took professional headshots for trainers, and created a variety of content for Instagram, Twitter, and the official website. After classes became remote, my work has shifted more towards content creation solely, creating and scheduling posts, as well as interacting with people through the platforms. Leach Journeys is still continuing remotely and portraits are being taken via Facetime. Through this experience, I learned how to incorporate leader qualities I had been seeking to attain. I have learned how to delegate with my colleagues, handle a variety of different projects simultaneously, work in a group setting to cultivate projects and produce them.

Initially, I was concerned with how to approach colleagues. I was fearful that if I asked for certain assets or inquired about their responsibilities on a project there would be a misunderstanding. I also had reservations about my ability to perform, whether or not I was good at my job and was executing my responsibilities appropriately. I was oftentimes overcome with imposter syndrome and could not understand how I got hired. Throughout my experience with Campus Rec, I realized that every step of the way I was supported and encouraged. Never, not once, was my work made to feel subpar. My boss and peers’ feedback invigorated the work I was making and that helped me grow as a professional and as an artist. I specifically remember the first instance I saw some development in the work I was producing, I felt that by familiarizing myself more with the software I was using and separating the brand of the department and my personal visual style I could create better work.

I strongly recommend this internship to other students because it is so much more than just an internship. As cheesy as it is to say, it’s a family, a community of people who only hope to see each other thrive. It is specifically catered to students in the sense that the staff understands that we are students above all else. The environment is flexible, there is the freedom to be creative and explore various possibilities when working on projects/tasks. It is a phenomenal experience professionally, holistically, and personally. Florida State’s Recreational Marketing department has been one of my greatest joys as an FSU student. My fondest memories come from the opportunities I have had while working there, from the people I have met — that I hope to have in my life for the remainder of it, from the growth I have experienced. I don’t think I could have found that anywhere else, I am forever indebted to The Campus Recreation Marketing Department.