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In Memory of Christopher Schmitt

Published June 5, 2020

Christopher Schmitt
FEBRUARY 24, 1975 – APRIL 9, 2020

Christopher was born February 24, 1975, in Tallahassee, FL. He was the son of Richard and Meg Schmitt. He graduated from Leon High School in 1993. He earned an Undergraduate Degree from Florida State University in Fine Arts with emphasis in Graphic Design. He also earned a Master’s Degree from Florida State University in Communication for Interactive and New Communication Technologies and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from FSU’s College of Communication. Christopher authored many books on web design, most notably the “CSS Cookbook” for O’Reilly Publishing. He produced and led the NonBreaking Space Show podcast, which discussed web design and related issues. Through his company, Heatvision, he hosted web-related professional conferences around the world, improved the accessibility and structure of his clients’ websites, and advocated for a more inclusive Web.

Christopher loved learning. He loved science fiction, including Doctor Who, Classic Star Wars, and Star Trek. He loved wearing his Chewbacca costume at different events, where he would happily have his picture taken with other science fiction fans. He always had a good story to share from wearing that costume. He was an expert in Web design, authoring many books on the subject, and loved how the internet could help people. Most of all, he wanted anyone that came into contact with him to be comfortable and at ease. He was an incredible human being all the way around.

Arianne Stiles
Designer, planner, writer, yoga nerd, infj, enn5, kapha-pitta, ravenclaw, bearer of obscure trivia. prone to excesses of sweets, affection, & giggling. she/her

Dear Friends,
I have sad news. Chris died suddenly in our home yesterday. One thing I do know is how much he loved so many of you and how happy he was to help others or to make them laugh.
If you have a great memory or a funny story or want to share a bit about the ways Christopher Schmitt had an impact your life, Have I got a link for you: ❤️ … please submit when you feel ready. Posts will eventually become part of a tribute site for Christopher.

Gail Rubini,
Professor Emeritus of Art and Design•FSU

I am soo saddened. From the first design class he took with me Chris was special. It was easy to recognize his talent and see his potential as he pursued his passion for the “web”.. I will miss him and his talents. The field has lost a great warrior. G

Kathleen Watkins Hoff
Fellow Student and Designer

Truly too soon. Goodbye to Christopher Schmitt. We had so many laughs in college working together in the FSU art department computer lab. He was the kind of person who had the most hilarious running commentary on life, and it’s possible I laughed every single time I ever talked to him. Not to mention he was smart and made an important contribution to the web design world through his many books, speaking engagements, and general presence. He shouldn’t be gone, but I will remember him fondly. RIP, friend.