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BFA In Studio Art

Published August 9, 2019
Sophia Baldwin (BFA 2019). From the the 27th annual University Student Exhibition, Atlantic Center for the Arts


Degree Information

Elton Burgest (BFA 2018), “By Standard,” Digital, 2018

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art is a one hundred-twenty (120) credit hour limited access program that provides an intensive background in theoretical knowledge and professional skills. BFA students will develop a personal vision, a high level of competence in technique, and harness the ability to make sound artistic decisions. The BFA in Studio Art is a proficiency-based program, characterized by continuous assessment. This program is only available to FSU art students.

Our unique program offers specialized coursework, 24/7 access to art studios at The Carnaghi Arts Building (CAB), opportunities for gallery exhibition in the BFA-run Phyllis Straus Gallery, faculty review of artworks, and access to the Lightbox a photographic lighting studio and BFA computer labs. Additionally, graduating BFA seniors submit upon acceptance to exhibit their thesis work at Florida State University’s Museum of Fine Arts. Courses that form this degree address the broad issues facing contemporary artists today and each semester addresses the professional practice for the arts, and will prepare students for many, widely divergent opportunities. The BFA program is an ideal option for motivated individuals who aspire to use their time as an undergraduate student at FSU for a focused, studio-based, rigorous education in the arts.

Important Dates & Times

  • TBA

Entrance Application and Review Information

Application forms are located on the cork boards outside of the Department of Art office (220 FAB); there is also a downloadable version here.

Eligibility: Application is open to all currently enrolled BA Studio Art students. Students must have a minimum overall 2.8 GPA and a minimum 3.0 GPA in studio art courses and must have all Foundations courses completed (or completed in the semester of applying), no exceptions. It is strongly advised that students apply prior to reaching 90 hours. Any students over 90 hours should be advised by the BFA advisor before applying.

Program Requirements

Tselote Holley (BFA 2018), “Foreshadowed Deaths,” 48×60 inches, Acrylic, oil, spray paint, glitter, and paper on canvas, 2018

To receive a degree in BFA Studio Art, students must successfully complete one hundred-twenty (120) credit hours. Students must also remain in the program for three semesters and pass three semesterly portfolio reviews, culminating in an advancement review and graduation exhibition. The credit hours will be divided between:

  • sixteen (16) credit hours in Foundations courses
  • thirty-six (36) credit hours in liberal studies
  • fifty-one (51) credit hours of studio art courses including completion of one focus area, the completion of a second focus area is encouraged.  Students must declare their focus area by the time they reach 90 credit hours*.
  • twelve (12) credit hours of art history (ARH2050, ARH2051, and two elected courses)
  • at least five (5) credit hours in electives

Students admitted to the BFA program are exempt from the foreign language requirement. The BFA advisor can provide additional guidance with regard to entrance and degree requirements.

Program Information

Upon completion of the sixteen (16) credit hours of Foundations courses, students may apply to the BFA in Studio Art program. Students are required to have a C- or above in all foundation requirements. Download the application below. In order to apply, it is recommended that students have a full-time faculty review their best work and sign the student’s BFA application form. If a student has not worked with any full-time faculty, the student can request a review and signature from adjunct instructors.  A faculty’s signature on your BFA Studio application form serves as a vote of confidence that the faculty member believes your work is strong enough and that you are ready to apply to the program. Students will then present their portfolios for faculty review in spaces allocated in the Fine Arts Building. Review the application below and check the BFA bulletin board located outside the main art office (220 FAB) for more information, including application deadlines and portfolio review locations.  More detailed information regarding the entrance reviews is in the BFA Studio Handbook, available as a pdf at the bottom of the page.

Charlie Barger (BFA 2019), “Arch,” Clay and metal, 2018

Academic Performance and Retention

The Department of Art reserves the right to discontinue enrollment of art major students at any time if satisfactory academic progress is not being made. Students who have accumulated three unsatisfactory grades (U, F, D–, D, D+) in studio art or design courses taken for college credit at Florida State University or elsewhere will not be permitted to continue, be readmitted, or graduate with a major in studio art or design. Courses in which a grade below the minimum is received may only be repeated once.

BFA students must maintain a minimum GPA per University requirements. If a BFA student’s GPA falls below the minimum, s/he is placed on probation for the following semester. If the student’s grade or GPA remains below the minimum standards by the end of the probationary semester, s/he is dismissed from the Department of Art.


A Few Examples of Our Former BFA’s