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Better Universe and Citizens Looking for Artwork

Published August 31, 2020

We are Better Universe and Citizens, a nonprofit organization that focuses on restorative projects in Haiti that help the environment. We hire locals to plant grass in Haiti to help those in poverty by paying them and including meals for their work. We are also focused on protecting endangered animals and their respective habitats. We would love the opportunity to express our organization’s attitude and drive through the creative artwork made by FSU students.

-Must convey our mission to plant grass in order to restore the environment
-Can incorporate many colors but artwork requires to have Green in the artwork
-Must be able to hang on the office wall and be big enough to be seen. We would like to see artwork that is either close to or in between 45×30 or 60×40.
-We would love to see our Organization name in Artwork
-We would like to see artwork by early October

Contact Fernanda Ramirez at