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League of Graduate Artists Organizing Auction for Movement 850

Published June 20, 2020

Hello everyone! A few members of LGA (League of Graduate Artists) are organizing an art auction to benefit the movement 850, a local org made of FSU, FAMU, TCC and community leaders. You can find more about their mission on Instagram @themovement850 We are asking for donations of artwork from BAs, BFAs, and faculty!

The auction will be hosted on Working Method’s Instagram.

There’s a sign up sheet here with more info for donating works. There is a tab at the bottom for BFAs/BAs, just to help organize:

There may be some folks who may not be able to participate at this time for a variety of reasons, and that’s okay! Hopefully we’ll get to do this again for more causes in the future. You can also auction a commission, if interested. And if you want to participate anonymously, that’s cool too! Just reach out to Working Method or the Phyllis Straus Gallery to discuss