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Art Alum Chalet Comellas-Baker Selected for the 2020 Miami New Media Festival

Published December 3, 2020


Chalet Comellas-Baker, Still image from video, sisterhood is for everyday people, single channel video, 2018


FSU Art MFA ’12 Chalet Comellas-Baker is among the 25 artists selected from 15 different countries for the Miami New Media Festival this year.

The 15th Edition of this festival presents in person screening events in 11 countries including Curaçao, Aruba, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Holland, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, and the US, in Miami at Laundromat Art Space and the Doral Contemporary Art Museum.

In addition, a cycle of virtual screenings will be presented every Friday until February 2021, showcasing the works that were selected by each juror of the call.

This year the jury was made up of Gerardo Zavarce, Adriana Barrios, Nelson González, Jesús Hdez-Güero, Adriana Meneses, Jimmy Yanez, Marinellys Tremamunno and Andreina Fuentes Angarita, the founder of MNMF.

Selected Artists Include:
Mauro Rescigno (Italy), Daniela Lucato (Germany), Rodrigo Gomes (Portugal), Sandra Araujo (Portugal) , Manuela Covini (Germany), Vasilis Karvounis (Greece), Natacha Voliakovsky (Argentina), Hernando Urrutia (Portugal), Marcia Beatri Granero (Brazil), Jose Cruzio (Portugal), David Anthony Sant (Australia), Chalet Comellas-Baker (United States), Rina Momose (Japan), Andrea Leonardi (Italy), Alejandro Barreras (Cuba), Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara (Cuba), Raychel Carrión (Spain), Jean-Michell Rolland (France), Linda Phillips (Colombia), Úrsula San Cristobal (Spain), Jack Williams (UK), Lisi Prada (Spain), Angela Patiño (Colombia), Alma Artiza (Venezuela) and Laura & Sira Cabrera (Spain).

Chalet Comellas-Baker is the Gallery Director & Exhibition Co-Curator at Unrequited Leisure Gallery in Nashville, TN. Unrequited Leisure is an artist-run space in Nashville, Tennessee that focuses on emerging and mid-career artists that explore screen-based approaches to critical and topical investigations. Exhibitions in the gallery are programmed and organized by its members, Chalet Comellas Baker and FSU Art Assistant Professor Clinton Sleeper, and the artists presented are selected through a thematic curatorial framework.