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Alumni: Makenzie Heinemann Solo Show at Blue Heron Nature Preserve

Published November 1, 2022

FSU Art MFA ’22  Makenzie Heinemann’s new show ‘Visions in the trees’ opens Friday, November 4th at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve in Atlanta, GA of 6pm and will be visible to the public until December 15th.

Since graduation this past Spring from the FSU MFA Studio Art program, Heinemann has been working on several large scale works from her studio floor in Dallas, Texas.

Heinemann’s work explores themes of touch and space and the ability to overcome the obstacles of separation by dissolving the boundaries between self, environment, and all bodies in motion.

Creating her work through a very wet process, allowing the fluid materials an agency within the creation, or conversation. With this method, Heinemann positions emotional abstraction in conversation with direct mark-making. Often, it is a physical dance. Fluid, sensory understanding (represented by pours and washes) battles with cognition (representational lines and shapes). The process of responding to the liquid movements confronts the tendency to fix ideas, bodies, and feelings into gridlocked systems of meaning. Instead, she trades in her own understanding of things, people, and concepts as respective bodies in movement.